Thursday, February 18, 2016

5 Elements of Smart Goals ... #ManagementTechniques

The goal is to be a good manager that gets involved with employees.

I have heard employees complain about their managers.

1.  One complaint was that the manager was always in the office.
2.  The manager doesn't know how to manage.

Part of being a good manager is setting goals for the employee.

Those goals should be:

1.  Specific
2.  Measurable
3.  Action oriented
4.  Realistic
5.  Have a due date

Was this useful?

Have a heavenly day,

Leticia N. Hernandez

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Planning, The Essential Step, Style 611, Artisan Beanie Hat Coming To You Soon

It all started with 3 yarn colors.  I knew that I had to create my new design; just had nothing in mind when I woke up.

And, an idea came to mind this morning while I was going up and down the stairs.  Right away, I grabbed my binder where I keep my designs, and started sketching the new design that came to mind.

My planning is not complicated.  Sketching the new artisan beanie hat design, is my first step in planning, because it gives me the direction where I want to go; that is to get to the finished product.

The other steps involve getting it ready and available to my clients via the "Designer's Products" tab.

Have a glorious day,

Leticia N. Hernandez

Thursday, October 29, 2015

"The gift of warmth", the artisan elf beanie hat

Two artisan elf beanie hats go out today.  The artisan elf beanie hats were custom made for two young ladies.

It is true that when you do what you love it is not considered work.  I create the artisan elf beanie hats with love.

Check out the styles of custom artisan elf beanie hats available.

Have a blessed day,

Leticia N. Hernandez
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

I am excited! I found within nature the idea for the new custom artisan beanie hat

I find Inspiration for style 610 custom artisan beanie hats in nature and in everyday living.  I just look for those moments when I see color combinations that attract my eye.

Then, a few days ago, I saw beauty in nature and an idea was born.  The idea is a dream which can remain only a dream if we do not act upon it.  If you know me, I act on that dream by focusing it on a star.  And, the paperwork starts.  Boring!  Not everything can be pleasure, and having a system in place makes the process of having a dream and converting it into a reality that I can bring to you.

Now, I know what colors to use for my new custom artisan beanie hat.  And, I am thinking now about the technique to use for my new custom artisan beanie hat so that it resembles the beauty of nature.

When I create these artisan beanie hats, I imagine someone at the other end of me, opening their box smiling and loving their artisan beanie hat.  Smiles is what keeps me going day to day; I love what I do.

Style 610 should be available to you within this week.  There is going to be a limited quantity of this design because I cannot guarantee that I will be able to source the yarn color.

Size available will be S M L.  If you do not know your size, contact me so that I can assist you how to give me a number so that I can determine your size.

Need a gift for someone?  Give them the gift of something that is not mass produced.  Give them the gift of warmth to keep your loved one's head warm this winter.

And, let me not forget to give thanks to Heavenly Father for everything; always.


Have a blessed day,

Leticia N. Hernandez
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Friday, October 16, 2015

"Oh my God!" Is that a stamp of approval for the "Bola Elf Hat"?

Good morning,

When I am not expecting anyone, and I walk into a room and someone pops out of no where, I could not help it; I screamed and started stumping my feet like crazy.  And, my son just laughs; unbelievable!

Then, when all this is over, I lead my son to where his "Bola Elf Hat" is completed and ready for him.  And, his girlfriend exclaims with a smile of approval, "Oh my God!".

And, now I am working in another version of this design in different colors per a client's request.

I want all of you to have a blessed day and a lovely weekend.

Leticia N. Hernandez
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Change is coming to the blog

I am excited.  Change is always good.  Implementing many things that can make this blog better; we have passion for artisan work.  And, our passion is great for custom made artisan hats.

Have a blessed day,

Leticia N. Hernandez
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Little Jack paid for his beanie hat with hugs, smiles and kisses

I do not see Little Jack very often; when I do, I receive hugs, smiles and kisses.  And, last time I saw him I said I was going to make him a beanie hat.

Good thing I am a custom beanie hat designer and maker plus many other things.  I just enjoy crocheting most of the time.  And, Saturday night I did not feel sleepy and I decided to design, create, and give the custom beanie hat to his aunt the next morning so that she could give it to Little Jack.

Little Jack is going to have his head warm this coming winter.

If you want a custom beanie hat like the one I made for Little Jack, submit the contact form and request Style 602.  I will contact you to obtain the head circumference measurement, and finalize the custom beanie hat request.

Kind Regards,

Leticia N. Hernandez
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Must have been my intuition!

Last night I could not sleep; turning, and turning, and turning.  My mind would just not go to sleep.

New ideas coming to mind on how to do things better with this artisan hat business; should I say more efficiently.

Production; that was what I was thinking about.  I was even thinking outsourcing, but each artisan has it own hand.  How I crochet is not how my daughter crochets.  Even my sister once said, "Look how she holds the needle!"  And, that is true.  I do not hold the crocheting needle like most people.  I had to adapt when I had an issue with my hands in the past.

Crocheting is something I love to do.  But, I know I cannot make a living at it; maybe I can, but that is not my goal.  Crocheting for a living would be too time consuming.

My goal is having many streams of income.

Have a lovely and blessed day,

Leticia N. Hernandez
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

A goal, a dream, may seem overwhelming, but ... makes it manageable.

You see, I made a commitment.  And, my goal is overwhelming, but what I do everyday is what makes it manageable.

I have a background in manufacturing.  I started from the bottom.  I know production, design, quality, and dealing on a daily basis with managers in the top levels of other manufacturing companies.  I have years of experience.

All that knowledge I am applying it now to my dreams and goals.  I enjoy flexibility and I work around my family needs.

First, I had to focus on my star, once I focus on my star, I have to plan how to achieve it.  My dream is ambitious, and the payment is going to be smiles.

Imagine, I have a goal to make 100 hundred of these crowns; it is just a component of a bigger product.  Each day I make a few, sooner or later in the near future, I would have eaten the whole elephant.

Have a lovely and blessed day,

Leticia N. Hernandez
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Unbelievable! A young man approached me and requested a custom artisan hat.

"You never made me a hat?" the young man said.  "I made you a grey one," I responded.  "I want a football hat," he replied.  "What team?" I asked.  His response is confidential.  "What design?" I asked.  "Can you put a logo?" he asked.  "No," I replied.  Then, I measured his head, and he was on his way.

It is nice to know that young people like my work.  This young man has requested so many head bands.  And, it is nice to know that now he wants a custom artisan hat.

I just cannot say no to him; he is also my hat/head band model.

The hat that is being modeled here was part of a collection that is at this time no longer available.

If you want to request a custom artisan hat, just complete and submit the form.

Have a lovely and blessed day,

Leticia N. Hernandez
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