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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to Gift the Right Gift to a Loved One

Giving a gift produces an emotional feeling for the giver as to the receiver. 

More, than a physical thing that you just gift, it is the thought behind the gift; "It is the thought that matters".  How much thought was put into giving the gift.

So there is a party; and you are going to provide a gift

You go the most common store, and buy something that you think the person will like based on what you like.  How much time did you spend looking for that gift?

Let's say that the receiver of the gift likes it and then an opportunity arises where the person can go to another party or event using your gift and ...

Someone else has the same thing, another one, another one over there.  How special does the person who received your gift feel now?

When giving a gift consider to know a bit about who is going to receive your gift.

  • What colors does the person like?
  • What is the person into; lifestyle?
  • What does person like to read?
  • What are their passions?

Then, think about the perfect custom gift for that person.  And, if you are considering an item that is available for immediate purchase, consider how many were made.  Look for limited items or handmade items that are not mass produced.

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Have a glorious day today and always,

Leticia N. Hernandez
Here to serve you.