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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How to Make Cooking Fun @CookingFun Community

There is always room for improvement @CookingFun

A long time ago, I created @CookingFun as a private place for me to share what I found in Facebook regarding foods that sounded good for me to try.  Its purpose was mainly for my reference to go to.

In no way was it my intention for me to include some of my content.  Till, this day, I include a bit only.  It is mostly for reference for me and I hope it is a reference for you too.

A special note for my followers ... hope you benefit.  And, a way for you to benefit is to engage with the page by leaving comments and adding your @fanpage to get discovered by the people interested in your fan page.  When you just like a post you are losing the opportunity to MARKET your fan page. 

Pretty cherries from my cherry tree from last year :)

If you found this post useful, share it so that others can benefit from this content too.

Leticia N. Hernandez