Monday, June 27, 2016

Introducing "Simply Feminine Flower Bracelet"; To be Added Soon to the "Designers Products"

I enjoyed creating this piece.  And, since the flower measured a bit over 3", it needed a thick band.  Therefore, I made the band 1.5" thick.

When I was creating this bracelet, I thought about a friend who was allergic to metals.  And, therefore, could not use any type of jewelry.  With this thought in mind, I made the band with knitting techniques so that the band will stretch and slide to her hand.  And, since metals give the flower its shape, I use crocheting techniques to cover most of the metal.

This bracelet fits a 6" wrist.  And, it can be custom made to fit any size wrist.

The center of the flower is amethyst color and sewing techniques were used to create it.


Leticia N. Hernandez

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